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Work for the "Art directors Club" contest on the theme of food wasting.

Creation of a useful campaign for the households in order to reduce

their spending as well as their waste.


Caddie.Coach is a smartphone application

which generates a smart shopping list.

Thus, the user is followed before, during and after his shopping.

I wanted to interfere in the households consumption behavior,

by proposing them a new way of shopping.

A profile interface has to be filled out. We inform with some information:

how many people in the family, duration, budget, specific diet...

When the profile is completed, a shopping list is automatically generated. 

The user can add or delete elements.

When the list is created, it is possible to name and register it. When the shopping is done, the user will open his refrigerator and will select the food that remains, and the app will give him recipes that match these specific ingredients.

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